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Terms of Service

Terms & Conditions

1) Fraud.

The administration of Hiphopclixs own the rights to pause, refuse, or cancel any account found abusing these terms of service. Any member connected with fraudulent activities will have their account terminated. Credits earned and target links associated with a fraudulent account will be removed from the database.

2) Credits Earned.

Credits earned at Hiphopclixs must be used solely for the purpose of advertising target links previously accepted by the administration of Hiphopclixs.

Credits earned cannot be sold.

Credits earned from an account cannot be given up in favor of another account.

3) Target Links.

Target Links MUST BE in English.

Target Links CANNOT break the surfing frame.

In order to receive confirmation a target link MUST BE FREE from any kind of abusive or offensive material such as:

  • - Pornography
  • - Illegal substances advertising
  • - Damaging and harmful scripts
  • - Viruses
  • - Trojan horses
  • - Illegal software sales (of any kind)
  • - Illegal Games
  • - False advertising
  • Also, but not less important, any submitted target link MUST NOT HAVE:

  • - Pop Ups
  • - Pop Under
  • - Exit Pop Ups
  • Rotators are allowed, however, if your rotator contains any sites that break our terms of service it will be suspended.

    In the eventuality you are not sure if your site is suitable to receive views at Hiphopclixs, please contact the administrator.

    4) Your Contact Information (email-address)

    You agree to:

  • - keep your email always up to date
  • - not providing false identity
  • Accounts with a bouncing email address will be deleted from the system without any notification.

    Please take the time to review our Privacy Policy upon registration in order to understand Hiphopclixs's use of your email address.

    5) The surfing frame.

    The surfing frame provided with an account can be used solely by the owner of the account itself, and cannot be submitted in traffic earning systems, both manual exchange and auto exchange.

    Members trying to earn credits in such ways will have their account terminated.

    6) Meeting abusive content, viruses and Trojan horses.

    You must agree that you cannot blame Hiphopclixs in the eventuality of meeting illegal material during your surfing sessions, or in case your OS is damaged by viruses or Trojan horses.

    Remember to keep always your antivirus software up to date and your system regularly checked for viruses.

    Never download anything during surfing session, unless you are completely sure the file is virus-free.

    7) Loss of Data

    Members cannot hold liable Hiphopclixs in the eventuality there will be loss of data on their accounts.

    8) Personal Membership

    Members must agree not to have more than one membership.

    9) Modifications to these Terms of Service

    If we decide to change our Privacy Policy we will notify users by way of an email. Users will have a choice as to whether or not we use their information in this different manner

    10) SPAM

    Members are strictly prohibited from using spam when trying to refer other members. Any account found connected with such activity will be terminated.

    Please visit if you want to learn more about unsolicited commercial email.

    11) Warranty

    This service is provided without any warranty of any kind. Hiphopclixs will not be held liable in the eventuality there is a loss of data on members accounts.

    12) Removing an account.

    Any member holds the right to delete their account at any time. A delete-account link is found in any main member area page.

    It will not be possible to retrieve any account information once deleted.

    13) sponsors