Computer Maintenance for Beginners – how you can avoid a computer meltdown Part 3

In part 3 of this series I will show you how to speed up your computer.
In the last part of we discussed how to correct errors on your computer
so they not cause problems running your computer or problems opening or
running your programs and In the first we discussed how to remove virus
and spyware and how to block virus’s before they get on your computer.
Now it is time to move on and show you how to speed up your computer.

First it is time to defrag your computer. To get there click on start,
then all programs, next go to accessories, the system tools, then disk
fragmenter. If you have never done a Analyze it will not let you defrag
till you do. It will check your disk for errors and show how much
memmory and what your drive was formated in either fat or ntfs after
it will let you defrag.

So always press Analyze first then after press then defrag once it
starts it will take you to a window that will show all your free space,
files that can’t be removed, files that are continous and fragmented
files. It will attempt to make all the files continous. The files that
cannot be moved won’t but it will make the fragmented files part of the
continous files. It should take at least an hour and up to 2 hours
depending on your drive space and how bad it is fragmented. After it is
done your computer should speed up a bit. There is one more step

For this next step you will need software either free or paid cause we
are now going to defrag your registry and there is no way to do it
easily without it. advancesystem care has a free registry defrager
but you are not going to defrag the whole registry with paid software.
So consider a paid version of advancesystem pro or other paid software.

Before you start a registry defrag you should close all your programs.
Once you start a registry defrag it will Analyze your registry and look
up your whole registry and once it is done it will automaticly defrag
once it is done Analyzing. After it is done dragging your computer you
will need to reboot your computer. Once your computer boots up your
computer should be as good as new enjoy!!

Now your computer should be virus free,spyware free,error free and
much faster. Don’t forget you must keep your computer maintained.
As a guide virus,spyware,cookies,temp files, history every week,
disk check, reistry error check, computer defrag every month,
registry defrag every 6 months.

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