Computer Maintenance for Beginners – how you can avoid a computer meltdown Part 2

In this part 2 of our computer maintenance I will show you how to protect
your computer from errors and how to recover from computer errors after
they happen. I will show you the tools you need and how to use them. So
far last time we went over how to protect your computer from virus’s and
spyware and how to get rid of them. So lets get started.

First you will want to do to run is a disk check. Go to start then run
and type in dskchk or dskchk /f either one and either it will start in
a msdos window or tell you must reboot your computer to start it. Either
way when it says do you want to perform the operation say yes. It will
then scan your machine for errors and correct them as the scan finds

Next you want to get a registry error checker you can search for one
online for like advance system pro one of the tools I use I found it
to be the best out there. Go to where it maintain window and press scan
.If you are not using advance system pro go to where your registry fixer
is and press scan. It will fix all the registry errors on your computer
and tell you what it found and fixed

Most of the time error on your computer or registry are causing your
computer problems they can crash your computer or your can’t open that
program you want to use. This will fix or prevent these problems most
of the time. If not then I recommend you do a system restore go to
start then accessories then system tool then you will find system restore
when it ask you restore to an earler time say yes. Then a calender will
come up go to a date before the error ocured and check if there is a system
checkpoint if there is press restore.

It will load what was on there at that time and reboot your computer. Once it
reboots it will give you the result. If the result is unsuccessful go back
look for different checkpoint at a different date and try again till it says
it was successful. It is best that you save a check point manualy but I have
got away with having it save mine at 3 am in the morning so I can restore it later.
I have fixed errors 99.9% by running a system restore.

It is almost guarenteed but if not then you may have to start from a clean
slate most computers have a f10 module that you can you restore your factory
settings. It will format your computer then install everything that came
with your computer. Boot up your computer press f10 and it will take you
to the program when it says do you want to perform the operation press
yes and after it is done it will reboot your computer and that will fix
your problems. I recommend this though if you can’t get your computer
going. I hope this helps you keep your computer running smoothly or fixes
your problems. See you later for part 3 of this computer maintenance series.

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  1. Susie MooreNo Gravatar says:

    Awesome post Marcus, I am always needing to remember exactly what steps to talk in totally cleaning and taking care of errors. This is certainly helpful to everyone that is using a computer and possibly save them from some serious complications.

    thanks for sharing

    susie moore
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