3 things you must know before using traffic exchanges

Number one do not use affiliate pages in traffic exchanges they are to long and most people are not going to scroll down to see the rest of the ad. The way around this is to use a splash page and take them to the affiliate page or take them to a squeeze page where you can capture email addresses by offering them a bonus for signing up then sending them helpful content and then your offer.

The information on the page capture the visitors attention within seconds otherwise you lose them till they come across your page again. Which may or may not happen. Also be patient it takes seeing your ad over and over till they signup. It also depends on how much time you have to surf if you have time to surf 20 exchanges a day you may have a shorter time to get signups to your offers.

Do not hoard your credits I have seen some people who just assign 1
maybe 2 credits. How do you expect people to signup for your offer if you don’t assign enough credits. Some traffic exchanges move as much as 1000+ credits plus per day. Most move about 300 credits so make sure you surf enough to assigncredits to get your site seen 24 hours a day. Next don’t forget banners and text ads I recommend at least 100
credits assigned to your banners and text ads to get them seen.

Do not surf traffic exchanges that offer cash surf promotions or bonus’s
all the time. These sites do have high volume of credits move but it is low quality traffic. I can tell you every site the offers this I never got a signup at. The people who surf these sites are only worried about surfing XX amount of sites in XX amount of time so they can get there cash or there spot in the raffle.

So don’t use these sites they are not worth your time. Also try to find traffic exchanges that have at least a 10 – 15 second timer. Remember the longer the timer the high the
quality the site is. Growth is important too but try to find quality in those sites that have the growth by what I stated above. I hope these tips help I wish you all the best.

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  1. KevanNo Gravatar says:

    Hi there Marcus,
    Very nice points in here for all the surfers.
    Great post. Keep up the good work..


  2. thanks I think it is impotant tell people how to get results from traffic exchanges and not get caught up in all the noise. thanks for your comment

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