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Sat, 06 Mar 2021 02:34:19 -0500

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Tired of the same ole' Traffic Exchanges?!

Do not attempt to adjust your browser I am here to make a special announcement. This is not like every other traffic exchange. Yes we do have all the bonus's, contest and everything else similar to other traffic exchanges except for the boredom. See surfing can be very boring and tedious but not with us. We offer the ability to hear hiphop music while you surf with us.

Start groovin' with the net's newest traffic exchange today, and experience:

New hiphop music while you surf or request your own favorites. We have room for 10 songs each week that means one of those can be your request or new songs we put in rotation. The songs we put on there will be based on hiphop music or our favorite songs. So if you want to hear something different than hiphop music request it. Plus since we get new hiphop acts all the time you will not be bored.

*State of the art anti-cheat system that locks out auto-surfers, also we also have all the *bonus's, the *contests, and everything else that you enjoy about an traffic exchange. We Also have a game that you can play for more credits called the ball game where you can bet a number to get more credits NO one else has this.

*Signup to find out how you earn virtual money that you can use to trade in for a credit package or an upgrade. You can earn by virtual money by selling upgrades or selling packages there are also other ways to earn virtual money but you will have to signup to find out. . you can also withdraw up to 10 dollars if you are an upgraded member

At hiphopclixs we are Great at responding to support request fast. We most of the time get to them within 2 hours sometimes faster but give us at least 24-48 hours to answer your support request.

Hiphopclixs has been providing traffic for 5 years so you can be rest assure we will be here when you need us. Right now we are giving up to 100 free visitors just for joining. Limited time offer!!.

So grow your business, brand yourself, have fun, andJOIN US TODAY FOR FREE!!!!!

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*10 sec Surfing Time
*Extra Features
Free Membership
Surfing Earnings
0.5 credits per view
Targets allowed
4 target URL
Min autoassign
100 %
On level 1:50 credits
Banners Allowed
4 banners
Banner Impressions
10 impressions per 1 credit
CPC (cost x credit)
0.0050 USD
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